viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

I feel your pain

I feel your pain, Rex!
Drowned in my 8 glasses of wine
I still feel your pain

I write hate messages
bombastic messages
of Paz, Amor and Hate
Left vs. Right
Right vs. Wrong
Letters full of misery and fake

But there is no release, BRO
You will allways be looking for something
no matter what

you can dismiss a hate message
meet a party pooper
that gives you credit for happiness
gives you a pill to feel better
to aliviate the sorrow we have
deep inside the 8th wine.

He'll say: this had nothing to do about politics
at all

We'll never be happy, pana
bombastic happy
so foooooking happy.

No matter what,
it's still hurting.
We'll never reach it.
Drowned in my 8 glasses of wine
We/I will still feel the pain.

(reciclado de un comentario a un post de Rafael Romero en el blog

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